Crossword Maker Privacy Policy

Summary: This software only collects the minimum information needed to make your puzzle. 

The Crossword Maker software lets you type in a title, subtitle, pairs of answers and clues so that you can make crossword puzzles. These puzzles can be saved (by you) on your computer and are not transmitted to anyone else unless you do the transmitting.

If you purchase the software, your personal information that you have to share during the payment process will not be shared with anyone.

Crossword Maker Terms of Use

Summary: You can use the puzzles however you please, even commercially.

As to the Crossword Maker software: Copyright ©2020 by Peter Rehm. All rights reserved.

As to your puzzles: You own the puzzles you make with this software, so you can use them however you please. That means that after you have purchased a license to use the software, you can publish your puzzles in books or whatever without any additional payment or royalty. You can copyright the puzzles in your own name.

As to this website: Copyright ©2020 by Peter Rehm. All rights reserved.